“Golly you have your hands full”

I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to the circus that is having twins. It’s hard to go anywhere without stares or comments, and the problem with that is I’m actually kind of uncomfortable with the attention. Also, I don’t love small talk with strangers in malls.

It all started before the boys were even born. By the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I couldn’t even go through a drive-thru without the person behind the window commenting on how giant I was. “Oh my God, you’re huge,” I recall one drive-thru worker saying, followed by: “I’m surprised you can fit behind the wheel of your car.” Then there was the time around week 36 of pregnancy when I ran into a store to quickly get one thing I needed. Within minutes, a gaggle of female store clerks had gathered around my belly, wanting to touch it and talk about what was inside. One of them had spotted me on the way in and just knew I had twins in there.

I felt like a circus freak. And I remember a friend of mine saying at the time that the fun was just beginning. Certainly even one baby can capture people’s attention in stores. But I’ve been out with one and I’ve been out with two, and oh boy, let me tell you …

I actually go out alone with the boys very rarely because of the production such an outing creates. Even when my husband is along, it isn’t easy. But for some reason I got brave today. Actually, more stir crazy than anything. My living room was a mess (still is) and I felt like the toys were closing in on me (they still are), so I packed the boys up and went to the mall. If nothing else I thought I could just walk around and get some exercise.

As it turned out, I think I spent more time stopped, talking to passersby than I did walking. At one point I was stopped for about 10 minutes talking to a couple of older women, who I’m sure had good intentions. The conversation went a little something like this:

“Oh, for cute,” one woman says, extending her arms to touch Graham’s toes.

“They must be twins. They look exactly alike,” the other chimes in. (For the record, they look nothing alike.)

“So did you know you were having twins?” the same lady asks. (This is the strangest question, but I get it all the time. I have absolutely no idea what people mean by it, so I just kind of smile and nod.)

“Golly, I bet you have your hands full,” the first lady says. (Did the beads of sweat on my forehead give it away?) “They aren’t small, are they?” (No, no they aren’t.)

The same mall trip also found us in the company of a grandma with 6-month old twin grandsons, a teenage girl who is a twin, and lots of other random women who just couldn’t help themselves. It’s sweet really, and none of this actually upsets me. I’m just having a hard time getting used to it.

I’m sure I’ll get there as I go out with them more and more. Eventually it will just feel normal, and at a certain point, people probably won’t even realize they’re twins and won’t even look twice at us. Then I’ll probably wonder why everyone is ignoring us. :)

One thought on ““Golly you have your hands full”

  1. I don’t have twins, but I have a 4 and a 1 year old. When my daughter was born I was stopped constantly by comments on how much hair she had, did I have lots of heartburn because of the old wives’ tale, and it went on everywhere that we went. The most awkward and strangest moment I ever had though was when I was 9 months pregnant with her and at Wal-Mart, a lady stopped me by yelling at my huge belly and then called all 5 of her daughters to come and gawk at me. My husband had failed to realize I had been stopped and was blissfully walking away toward the check out while I had to stand there and find a way to graciously leave.

    It is really strange what people will say when you have kids!

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